Support the Photovoltaic Industrial Development

Support the Photovoltaic Industrial Development

With the continuous strengthening of human awareness of environmental protection and the increasing demand for energy, the solar photovoltaic industry has received widespread attention and development worldwide.

The application of solar photovoltaic technology can be traced back to the early 1950s, but it was not until recent years that the solar photovoltaic industry developed rapidly. Currently, solar photovoltaics have become one of the most important renewable energy sources in the world. Solar photovoltaic technology continues to innovate. In the development of solar photovoltaic technology, high efficiency, low cost, high stability and reliability are the goals that are constantly pursued. The efficiency of solar cells continues to improve, from about 10% initially to more than 20% now.

Shandong Hydroid Chemical provide the Nitrous Oxide(N2O) from 3N to 6N, to the downstream customer all around world. Now our gas has supplied to Taiwan, Korea and South-east Asia customer in photovoltaic industry. We provide the service not only supply gas and also ISO tank leasing for the customer who does not own the ISO tank. Along with the demand of solar photovoltaic increasing, Shandong Hydroid Chemical will improve our product and service to meet the requirement of various area customers.


Post time: Aug-16-2023