• LNG Semi-trailer

    LNG Semi-trailer

    LNG Semi-trailer as the efficient, convenient and safe method to transport natural gas, nowadays becoming more and more popular in application, the LNG semi-trailer could contain nearly 30000 standard cubic meter of gas which is more than 3 times than a CNG semi-trailer, which is with much higher transportation efficiency.

  • LNG Storage Tank

    LNG Storage Tank

    LNG Storage Tank, mainly used as static storage for LNG, adopts perlite or multilayer winding and high vacuum for thermal insulation. It could be designed in vertical or horizontal type with different volume.

  • LNG Mobile Refueling Station

    LNG Mobile Refueling Station

    LNG/L-CNG filling station is consisted of LNG storage tank, immersed pump, fluid adding machine, cryogenic column piston pump and skid-mounted high pressure vaporized skid, BOG vaporizer, EGA vaporizer, BOG buffer tank, BOG compressor, sequence control panel, storage cylinder set, gas dispenser, pipeline and valves.