Electrical / Specialty Gas

Electrical / Specialty Gas

Electrical & specialty gases are high-tech, high value-added products and are widely used in the semiconductor and micro-electricals industries. Electrical & specialty gases mainly include hydrides, fluorides, fluorinated alkanes, metal organic compounds, etc. They are indispensable and important materials for the production of electrical industries such as hyperscale integrated circuits, flat panel display devices, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, and optical fibers. They are widely used in thin film manufacturing, etching, doping, vapor deposition, diffusion and other processes in the production of integrated circuits and display panels.

The electrical & specialty gas are also used for chip manufacturing. Mainly includes cleaning, deposition/CVD, photolithography, etching, ion implantation, film formation and other processes. From the generation of a single chip to the packaging of the final device, almost every stage is inseparable from electrical & specialty gas, so electrical & specialty gas is called "Food" and "blood" for semiconductor manufacturing.

Hydroid Chemical is a professional and excellent gas supply company. We supply high quality gas in gaseous and liquid forms, our customers cover in Korea, USA, Taiwan area, Thailand, India, UAE, etc. Hydroid Chemical is the strategy partner and also the authorized distributor of numbers famous gas manufacture, our supply scope include:

- Rare gases: Helium(gas), Neon(gas), Krypton (gas), Xenon (gas).
- Electronic gases: NF3, N2O, HCL, SF6, SILANE (SiH4)
- Industrial gases: Oxygen (gas & liquid), Nitrogen (gas & liquid), Argon (gas & liquid), Helium (gas), Hydrogen (gas).
- Other Standard gas and mixtures.

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