Mix Gas

Mix Gas

Mixed gas is a gas that is a mixture of two or more gases. This gas has a wide range of applications in industrial production and scientific research. In fields such as semiconductors, optics, and medicine, mixed gases have gradually become indispensable materials. For example, in the semiconductor industry, mixed gases are important materials for preparing silicon wafers. In the medical field, mixed gases are used to prepare medical oxygen. These application fields are constantly expanding.

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For example, in the petrochemical industry, mixed gases are used to prepare chemicals such as ammonia and urea. In the steel industry, mixed gases are used to prepare alloy materials such as stainless steel. It brings more business opportunities to the mixed gas market.

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Shandong Hydroid Chemical Co., Ltd., as the popular company in the mix gas filed, has the capability to provide various mix gas product, like:

★ SiH4/H2 MIX
★ PH3/H2 MIX
★ 10% CH3/Ar
★ 2.7% C2H4/He
★ 5% H2/He
★ 4% H2/N2
★ 3.5% Ar/10ppm Xe/Ne
★ 0.95% F2/3.5% Ar/Ne
★ 1.6% BCL3/He
★ 20% O2+Ar
★ 3% H2/Ar