Focus on Specialty Gas Industry

Focus on Specialty Gas Industry

Electronic gases include electronic specialty gases and electronic bulk gases. They are indispensable and key materials in the manufacturing process of integrated circuits, display panels, semiconductor lighting, photovoltaics and other industries. Electronic specialty gases are necessary supporting materials for integrated circuit manufacturing. They are widely used in photolithography, etching, film formation, cleaning, doping, deposition and other process links. They have high requirements for purity, stability, packaging containers, etc. , known as the "food" and "blood" of the semiconductor industry. Integrated circuit manufacturing involves thousands of processes, which are extremely complex and require the use of hundreds of electronic specialty gases. In integrated circuit manufacturing, electronic gases can be divided into doping gases, ion implantation gases, cleaning gases, etching gases and photolithography gases according to different processes; electronic gases are widely used and have high technical requirements. Sources and their supply systems have demanding requirements. Gas purity is the core parameter of special gas products, which requires ultrapure and ultraclean. Ultrapure requires gas purity to reach 4.5N, 5N or even 6N or 7N. Every time the purity increases by one N and every time the concentration of particles and metal impurities decreases by one order of magnitude, the gas purity will increase by one order of magnitude. Bringing significant improvements in process complexity and difficulty. For mixed gas, the accuracy of the proportion is the core parameter. As product components increase and preparation accuracy increases, gas suppliers are often required to perform precise operations on gas components with a variety of ppm or even ppb level concentrations.

Shandong Hydroid Chemical are established by the expert staff who working in the gas and gas equipment filed, and has the strong relationship with the famous gas manufacture and factory, we can provide the below specialty gas:
Rare Gas: Neon, Krypton, Xeon in 10L and 47L cylinder package
Electronic Gas/Specialty Gas: WF6, BF3, SF6, NF3,PH3+H2, MCS, SDS, N2O, HCL, SILANE (SiH4)

And our gas products have deliver to Taiwan, Korea and also Europe customer. And our goal is to provide our service to the worldwide customer who need the gas and logistic, to realize our enterprise vision: to be your global & reliable gas partner in gas filed.

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